1. What are the application requirements of OCAC-Suzhou?

OCAC-Suzhou is the first school of its kind, which is specifically designed for the children of overseas Chinese and the children of various talented professionals who return to China. The school provides 15 years of continuous K-12 education. We also select students who are interested in pursuing high-end international education. Both Chinese and foreign children can apply.


2. What materials should I provide if I am a high-level overseas Chinese professional and plan to enroll my children to OCAC-Suzhou?

Please contact the SIP talent hotline:  0512-6706 8000 for more information about enrolling the children of high-level overseas Chinese professionals to OCAC-Suzhou.



3. If a student is transferred to OCAC-Suzhou from a public school, is there any tutoring program available to ensure the transition is successful?

OCAC -Suzhou delivers the Chinese National Curriculum through IB inquiry-based approach to learning. Teacher will give those who have just transferred from public school special guidance during the inquiry process. Peer support and cooperation will also be available.


4. Will OCAC-Suzhou provide a bus service for students?

OCAC-Suzhou has contracted a company to provide a bus service for students. Bus stops will be arranged and/or adjusted every semester.


5. When are the arrival and departure times of students?

Arrival time: 7:50am-8:00am

Departure time depends on whether the student has a CCA after school.

If so, departure time will be 4:00pm-4:15pm.

If not, the student can be picked up at 3:00-3:10pm.

Unless otherwise planned in advance with parents, the school will not arrange any CCAs for students after 16:00pm.


6. Will OCAC-Suzhou offer a summer programme for students?

OCAC-Suzhou has built a close partnership with overseas educational institutions. We are planning to offer our first summer programme in the summer of 2018. The focus of our summer programme will be outdoor explorations.


7. If a student is transferred to OCAC-Suzhou from a public school, is there any tutoring program available to ensure the transition is successful? What could parents do to help the transition during the summer?

OCAC-Suzhou is a dual-language school under the IB system. During this coming summer, we encourage all the new students and transfer students to practice reading, listening and speaking in both Chinese and English; meanwhile, we encourage all parents to carry out outdoor activities and explore nature with your child, in order to cultivate a positive attitude towards learning.


8. What kind of English learning materials will OCAC-Suzhou use?

The school uses required textbooks in compulsory Chinese National Curriculum education. Apart from this, the school also utilizes school-based additional learning materials. The DP uses the textbooks published by the IBO.

This is a sample list, and does not include all the English textbooks and resources that OCAC-Suzhou teacher will use:

  • New Leveled Bookroom 4.0 Grades K-6 [over 5000 books suitable for guided reading for all grades. This edition includes print and digital resources and assessment tools]
  • Leveled Math Readers Grades K-5 [Complete Set of 540 books for all grades. Reinforce Critical Math Concepts while Building Literacy Skills]
  • Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics: Developmentally Appropriate Instruction for Grades Pre-K-5 (Volume I) (2nd Edition)
  • Step Up to Writing Grades K-5 Classroom Set (with access to online resources), 4th Edition
  • Picture-Perfect Science Lessons, Expanded 2nd Edition: Using Children’s Books to Guide Inquiry
  • PYP Springboard Inquiry Box: Maps and exploration
  • PYP Springboard: Resources authors and stories
  • PYP Springboard Inquiry Box: Recycling our world

Most of these book series include American Common Core curriculum support, and they are all aligned with the IB PYP curriculum framework.


9. Is there an extra charge for co-curricular activities (CCAs)?

CCAs are an important component of the whole person education in OCAC-Suzhou. It is compulsory for all students to attend CCAs, but they may choose different activities on different days. Most of the activities are organized and carried out by OCAC-Suzhou teachers and they are free of charge.